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Delilah clothed herself with her old professional wear from back at the base she kept in this certain room we rented at the inn, now that she’s human I could see what she originally is. I was impressed, she was tall towering over me.

Her floral, henna tattooing danced across her arms into grey swirls streaming from her fingers up like roots to stems, traced along her collar, and draped down on her shoulders and lined down the spine ending to her lower back. She had short brown hair that made rest of her look so proficient, so stern showing a different side of her.

What surprised me the most was, I could never tell because she was covered in fur before, but she’s has countless scars healed but left fleshy pink across her perfect brown skin all over. Head to toe, makes me ask, “What happened to you?”

She stared blankly from across the room, looking back at her arms studying them, “When I left the army…. my leave wasn’t taken so lightly” ,she rubs her old scars on her wrist, “so I fought my way out.”

Before she’d want to finish the story, McAllister came into the room and there was a change in her I was terrified of. I felt it. She then turned and walked out. All emotions shut off from expression as her eyes turned icy, but her emotions were clear to me. As she left muttering, “Be back later.”

McAllister swung the sheath of his crossbow over his shoulders and placed it aside the recliner he sat in, eyes flicking to Delilah, “What’s her problem?” I was concerned, but shrugged, “I dunno.” I laid in bed facing the wall, I closed my eyes and listened to the faint rummaging of my friend.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I woke up the lights were off. But it wasn’t hard to see. Leaning upright, I nearly leaped when I caught McAllister sitting on the mattress so close to me. How did I not notice him?

His hands planted firm at his sides, watching me. For how long, I wasn’t sure, but I pointedly ignored that and sat up, yawing and stretching my back, “Where’s Delilah?”

His eyes glittered as he greedily drank into my space as he mumbled, “Haven’t seen her since she left.” His voice went deeper, “I saw enough of you.”

I fidgeted as he came in closer, “please.” I sighed and looked away, “don’t do this.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and ask, voice thick with lust, “Why not?”

He pulled me closer to his chest, dragged his other hand up my thigh and leaned close to my neck. I felt disgust welling up in my throat along with panic. I moved to gently try pulling away, but he forced me closer and kissed my neck. I swallowed and said more forcefully, “stop.”

Either he didn’t hear me, or he didn’t care, because he was about to be all on top of me. He claimed my mouth in a possessive kiss. I jumped in surprise when McAllister was now screaming a pain striking shriek, beyond horror flashed in me. A line of red dripped down my chest from his shoulder, thick and coppery smelling, he was bleeding to death.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!” Crunch!!! He screamed even louder in sheer agony it made me skip a beat, as he was ripped off me and thrown to the ground. He fell with a painful grunt and Delilah pinned him down on the bloody shoulder, his teeth grating to the pressure. She pushed off him, eyes wild with savagery. I was frozen in place as Delilah snarled darkly, “Get out.”

When McAllister made no move to leave Delilah roared, “Get out!!!” Jaws snapping rapidly in his direction, lunging at him McAllister started and quickly regained his footing. Gathering himself and sprinted out the room. Delilah slammed the door behind him, chest heaving in anger.

Embarrassed, my cheeks flushed as I curled my knees to my chest and stared away. I whispered, “thank you.”

Delilah turned around, eyes dark and paced toward me. I knew I could easily take her on, so even if she wanted to hurt me, I had nothing to fear. But it was the thought more than the outcome.

She hissed, “Why would you let that pig do that?! I could feel your anxiety, your fear, you were never this weak! What has changed?!” She looked disgusted as she stared, I felt so repulsed with myself; I was gonna let him have me, even though I didn’t want it. I mumbled, “I don’t know.”

Her change in expression was disturbingly noticeable as she growled deeper, “You were arouse.” As her lips curled open slowly, baring large ebony fangs.

I don’t know, I just don’t know. I felt stupid for feeling this way. I let my head fall to my knees, my pride shattered. Delilah got up in front of me, the mattress depressed under her weight, moving me closer to her. I leaned away from her and glanced up from over my arms.

I flinched when her massive paws fixed against my collar and she shoved me back, stood up on top of me. I held my breath and my eyes widened when she snarled with McAllister’s blood dripped from her lips, “I can smell a rat when there’s one.”

Anger crawled through my veins and I shouted, shoving her off me, “Don’t tell me what I know now! I hate it!”

Her eyes narrowed and I couldn’t recognize the emotions passing over her face. She pressed her head against my chest a little forceful, but didn’t feel aggressive. Anger was still apparent on her face, but her eyes were soft. She whispered, “You can’t imagine how much I can see of him. Whatever he had of you, I know I won’t like it.” Her voice turned steely as her eyes flicked away, “I hate him.”

If it’s overprotection I’m thinking, it’s best we keep it like that. I mean someone who I’ve been in the field with for over a year tried to have sex with me, just out of the blue and I never had that kind of fascination with him. The thought of that sent chills down my spine.

My throat started to burn, I was welling up with a mix of guilt and appreciation. I spoke hoarsely, “thank you, again.” I laid back in bed and faced the wall like before, whispered out, enough that she may not even hear, “take his bed, and please… j-just please make sure he doesn’t come back.”

I could feel her getting off the mattress as it started to impress itself back into shape, listening to her rummage, she took his bed. Making herself comfortable she made one last remark, “I’ll be sure he doesn’t do that again…………. and I’m taking his crossbow.”

When I woke up she was gone, so I went on with my morning ritual. Once I got outside she was there waiting outside, it was late in the morning but I gathered my things and ready to go. No doubt that General Willis would have someone hunt me down.

We waited for McAllister up the slope from town, it wasn’t long before he showed up. The bandage over his shoulder sticky with dried blood and treated unprofessionally, he obviously had done it himself. But there was no doubt wariness in his footing when he got too close. Delilah, human now, took it upon herself to step between us. Her intent was clear, if he got any closer she wasn’t gonna tolerate it.

I on the other hand ignored this confrontation, and figured there’s far more interest beyond the forest. McAllister didn’t push his luck till his eyes narrowed, he slightly inclined and raised his hands, “Calm down!” Whether his posture told that he gives, she wanted to tear his throat out. I truly had no time for this shit.

“That’s enough, let’s move” ,I took charge. We needed to move now if we’re gonna run, no stopping yet. Delilah finally broke eye contact and the hot tension settled down, but she kept between me and McAllister the whole hike over the next town. Giving him a limited amount of distance to me.

That I valued, after what he did to me I don’t even wanna look at him, I was that disgusted with him, I avoided eye contact and I tried my best, my very best to forget what he ever did the whole time we traveled. We walked on overnight, and into the next day. Didn’t stop to camp.

The scenery didn’t change much, it was still rocky with pines at every angle and snow falling constantly. Surprisingly it never stormed out here, Delilah was untouched, unphased by the snow but me I was restless to get far away. Quickly.


I didn’t let my sense get too comfortable, I was prepped for anything unusual with every gust of wind going I sent to make sure we’re the only predators here. If I was wolf now I’d scout for any followers on our tracks, but then I’d catch some random hunter’s attention and get us into trouble we don’t need. Therefore, making it easier for us to be found.

We finally stopped to a town after over 30 miles we walked nonstop, it was misty and wet getting us soaked through just walking amongst its atmosphere. Caroline began to look miserable, but then I’d feel terrible after some asshole tried to rape me too.

But I’ve seen her shoulders slag in relief when we finally got to a motel, and this time two separate rooms. McAllister was kept far away from Caroline, exactly how I wanted things to be, him away from her.

The motel keeper glanced at me with an ugly look, but he was wise enough not to argue who I am and how it’s not entirely my fault what I am. This town must not be too bright with people inhuman, but on the other hand we’re dog tired from hiking about two days.

That moment when she came into the room and shut the door she started disrobing in the middle of the room, throwing her clothes on the chair to dry in the corner. I don’t think she noticed me gawking at her every move, focused on her well-being.

She finally looked back, “Whatcha staring at?”

“I’m just keeping sure you’re safe, healthy. After what happened.” ,I looked down avoiding eye contact feeling guilty for bringing that up.

Her expression twisted to rage, “The fuck! I’m Fine, okay!” She hastily paced to the other side of the room and hunkered on top of the bed, head down facing the floor and arms crossed tight in frustration. I couldn’t stand aside and let herself sulk.

I came over trying to force my train of thought elsewhere as I fell back onto the mattress with an exhausted sigh, strategically keeping a good distance between me and her. As soon as she felt my eyes on her she turned rapidly and snapped viciously, “What?”

I stared for a few minutes before shrugging and staring the opposite direction, “nothing.” It took a minute for me to think over quietly, then I had it, “No, I do have a question.”

Anxiety clawed at her chest, then she mumbled, “What?”

“Ever since McAlister tried to sleep with you and I prevented that from happening, you’ve been avoiding me. It’s subtle, but I’m not blind, Caroline.” Her voice didn’t sound hurt, only confused.

Rubbing her eyes, Caroline frowned, “Your right, I just… I don’t understand how to behave around you…. It’s confusing.”

Caroline heard my movement noticing me coming closer and stiffened when she found me leaning over, siding up to her. Only inches away from contact, I let a quick exhale slide through my teeth in irritation, “There you go again, tensing up. Am I frightening to you?”

She crossed her arms even tighter against her chest and looked away, silently willing to come closer but she increased the distance between us till she was cornered by the wall. Just being so close, I could hear her heart racing, “I don’t…..” Insecurity crept into her voice as she rubbed her eyes, “It’s messed up for me….”

I clipped my brows in concern, “What are you talking about?”

Caroline, “I don’t know if I can get you to understand how I feel, I just feel… revolting.  And you’re wrong, you’re not frightening, not to me. I don’t know if it’s me feeling self-guilty or depression rising or what. But it’s tearing me apart.”

I sighed and turned my body towards her for full attention as I briefly rested a hand on her arm, Thank you for sharing that with me…. But you’re right, I don’t understand. But I can see the pain you’re in and as a girl myself I can understand. I just don’t know why, so I don’t have any advice to tell.” Pulling away, I curled my arms to my middle and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

She kept her eyes closed and for that very moment reflected on what she really wanted. Breath shaky as she forced herself to speak unfamiliar words. She whispered, “What do I want?” Forcing all thoughts out of her mind she shifted her weight and acted on impulse for I bet on of the first times of her life.

Arms wrapped around and hugging me close, I didn’t quite know how to respond. This was a new emotion to me, but what I felt from Caroline was the need for comfort and I was the only one here for her now. Nervously I reached over and hugged her back.

Breaking away for air, Caroline panted and laid back onto the mattress with her right arm over her head choking on a sob, and biting back tears. Yanking on my arms with her left begging for me to lay by her side for security I followed down, and she curled up next to me whispering, “My heart wants you to stay, your more to me than why you want to but….. my mind is afraid.”

I leaned back enough to see her eyes before we sleep and said, “Whatever you want, I’ll be right here.”
Knowing extreme emotions
Yeaaaaaah, this is when there's a real reason for Delilah to stick around for Caroline. Not only is she a little mental from the long-term isolation in the woods, she's emotionally caring in a way because when you never had a situation as Caroline had here before you can't help but be there for them..... and making sure the asshole is outta sight.

Anyway's here's part 2 or chapter 2!
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Alrighty, I've adopted a character from Akreon and likely, I'm gonna do something with it. I've seen the adoptables posted and few would of gone great with my fiction I've been working on called 'Demons', a big big story that includes; werewolves, phoenixes, aliens, mutants, going to another planet (planets), some crazy shit that sounds real awesome. Da future.
It's gonna be awesome, cause it's not gonna be that Twilight shit with vampires (seriously, I've read the books first. But watching the movies afterwards just killed my mood of ever wanting to watch these shitty movies now.) So this mmmmmmmm, probably, won't have vampires cause I can't see any real sense in there being any in this story. The werewolves and my favorite creatures 'phoenixes' has a lot of sense built into the characters.
The story is both warfare, romance, action, violence obviously, and pretty touching with the companionship, friendship, relationship between man and monster; monsters as in what domesticated creature interacts with humans.
It's really good, just hard to think upon cause I'm thinking like piece by piece events like I'm doing storyboarding, instead of just typing my imagination. It'll work out..... I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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